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Grey Goose Brings Back La Vanille



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GREY GOOSE vodka announces today the reintroduction in the United States of GREY GOOSE La Vanille flavored vodka for the first time in 15 years. GREY GOOSE Cellar Master François Thibault was inspired by the original recipe and is bringing this highly-sought after flavor back just in time for the holidays. Available in market for a limited time only, the revived iteration is made by blending GREY GOOSE vodka with natural vanilla flavors sourced from beans harvested in Madagascar.

After its successful run years ago, GREY GOOSE drew the production of La Vanille to a close with a heavy heart to focus on core flavors. However, bartenders never stopped asking for the expression and it has remained a popular cult flavor ever since – a treasured bottle stored on the back bar. Vanilla is now a top-selling flavor in the spirits category – growing by 40% year over year – and demand for this premium vanilla flavored vodka has never been greater.

“For years, bartenders have been telling me about their creative cocktail recipes inspired by GREY GOOSE La Vanille when it first launched 15 years ago. We’re excited that it will once again be back on shelves and behind bars for a limited time and look forward to giving the bartending community a chance to resurrect some of those bygone recipes this holiday season,” said Joe McCanta, GREY GOOSE Global Ambassador.

With no added sugar, the creation of GREY GOOSE La Vanille is a testament to the brand’s continued commitment to premium ingredients. GREY GOOSE La Vanille is comprised of the same soft winter wheat from Picardy and natural spring water from Gensac-La-Pallue that is used in GREY GOOSE vodka. It is then blended with natural vanilla flavors from beans harvested in Madagascar to create bold caramelized and toffee notes

The ethereal essence of GREY GOOSE La Vanille lends itself well to seasonal cocktails, from the GREY GOOSE La Vanille Spritz to the GREY GOOSE La Vanille Espresso Martini Cocktail – a delicious twist on a cocktail classic to keep the holiday celebrations going through the end of the night.

The brand has long anticipated the return of GREY GOOSE La Vanille and is delighted to finally be able to share it once again with the bartenders and cocktail aficionados patiently waiting alongside.


NEW: GREY GOOSE® introduces VX


GREY GOOSE®, the world’s best tasting vodka announces the global launch of an extraordinary new, ultra-premium expression of GREY GOOSE® – GREY GOOSE® VX spirit drink. The new liquid represents a spirit like no other. To mark its official launch in Canada, in July, creator and Maître de Chai François Thibault hosted an intimate unveiling and private tasting session for a select group on Lake Joseph in Muskoka.

Thibault, whose passion for crafting extraordinary spirits was fostered as a cellar master in Cognac, has once again defied convention with the introduction of this spirit that draws on exceptional French craftsmanship and heritage, yet is truly innovative. GREY GOOSE® VX brings together the world’s leading super premium vodka with a hint of precious cognac. The “Vodka Exceptionelle,” is masterfully crafted with cognac grapes drawn exclusively from the Grande Champagne cru, regarded by many connoisseurs as the very finest of the six cru within the region.

“From its inception, GREY GOOSE® has always pioneered new and exciting territories,” said Thibault. “In creating GREY GOOSE® VX, I wanted to capture the aromatic notes of a precious cognac, bringing its delicate essence of orchard fruits, plum, apricot and the mild flavors of wild honey to the remarkable character of GREY GOOSE® vodka.”

The rich, subtle taste of GREY GOOSE® VX conveys a harmonious balance of white fruit blossom, honeysuckle and violet with hints of apricot and a long, lingering finish. The balance is subtle and harmonious and rich yet delicate with a long, full finish. The recommended serve is on the rocks in a brandy balloon glass.

GREY GOOSE® VX is presented in an exquisite decanter made from ‘extra flint’ glass, which is known for its exceptional quality. The bottle shape and fine detailing are inspired by prestigious French decanters, with rounded shoulders and a pronounced heavy-set stopper, while still retaining contemporary design cues from the original GREY GOOSE® bottle.

GREY GOOSE® VX will be available for purchase in select liquor outlets across Canada beginning September 2014. With film festival season around the corner, industry stars will have their chance to celebrate with GREY GOOSE® VX in Toronto, where this spirit drink will be a feature serve during the exclusive GREY GOOSE® festival parties. In stores, the decanter is presented in a luxury gift box, with a suggested retail price at $100 CAD (750ml), and just in time for the gift-giving season.