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REVIEW – Angel’s Envy Bourbon

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We’re late into the game with our review of Angel’s Envy Bourbon. After all, this now-famous bourbon entered the world of whiskey back in 2011 when Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson came out of retirement at his son’s insistence to continue sharing is distillation brilliance.

The “angel’s share” of a distillate is the amount of the spirit lost to evaporation during the barrel aging process. Henderson has played with that idea, taunting the angels with the promise that they would have wished to have a larger dram than what they may have simply tasted in passing.

And as countless other spirit and cocktail writers have discovered before us, the angel’s will truly weep to miss out on this.

It’s kind of bonkers.

Angel’s Envy is also unique in that it’s one of the few (non-experimental) distillations that finishes its aging in port barrels, giving the end product an extra layer of complexity.

Sadly, Henderson…

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