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GTR: Bailey’s XC


Diageo Global Travel and Middle East (GTME) has launched Baileys XC, a new premium liqueur that combines Cognac with fine spirit and cream from Baileys.

Baileys XC is exclusive to travel retail and will initially be available only through Gebr Heinemann until 31 May 2016.

The new product, which is targeted particularly at women, pairs Cognac with fine spirit and cream from Baileys.

Diageo GTME described Baileys XC as smooth and indulgent, offering a new taste experience for the liqueur category – and giving travelers a premium product that cannot be purchased elsewhere.

Baileys XC will be launched across all key travel retail markets beginning in June 2016, following the exclusivity period with Gebr Heinemann.

Jameson Crested

Jameson Crested Irish whiskey is a no-age-statement blend of pot still and grain whiskeys.

Jameson, the number one Irish whiskey, has unveiled a new premium Irish whiskey, Jameson Crested. Newly launched in the UK, Jameson Crested brings to life the rich history of the brand and its spiritual home of Dublin, and is set to further increase excitement around Irish whiskey in the UK.

Jameson Crested is a celebration of the first drops of whiskey that were bottled, sealed and labelled at the Bow Street Distillery in Dublin, marking the moment in time (1963) when Jameson took full control of the whiskey making process, from grain to glass. Up until then, distillers – including the Jameson Distillery – sold barrels of whiskey to bonders to bottle themselves before selling on to Irish whiskey consumers.

However, reports of a handful of whiskey bonders watering down their whiskey in the 1960s led Jameson to complete the craftsmanship process inside the distillery walls to protect the quality of the whiskey.

Available from March 2016 across the grocery and impulse channels, Jameson Crested is a triple-distilled Irish whiskey that brings together rich pot still Irish whiskey and grain whiskey, matured in a high proportion of sherry casks, as well as Bourbon barrels. The result is a nose of vivid sherry and pot still aromas, a palate of toasted wood, spice and chocolate, and a warm, lingering sherry finish. The RRP is £29.99 (70cl bottle, 40% ABV).

Vicky Hoey, Head of Marketing at Pernod Ricard UK, comments: “We are very excited about launching Jameson Crested into the dynamic UK Irish whiskey market as the feedback that we receive from consumers is that they want to increase their knowledge about the heritage of the category in an authentic, personal and meaningful way. Jameson Crested offers discerning drinkers and existing brand fans a completely new taste experience from the number one Irish whiskey, whilst retaining the recognisable smoothness that is distinctly Jameson.”

Jameson Crested is presented in a new, craft design that reflects the story behind the brand. The new design showcases the product quality; the bottle’s elegant, tapered neck is left uncovered so that the cork can be clearly seen and is complemented by an authentic seal, which gently tears when opened for the first time. The new bottle design is used across the family of Jameson premium whiskeys that celebrates the rich heritage of Jameson, including Jameson Black Barrel.

Jameson Crested can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with the gradual addition of water to release its complex flavours. Alternatively, the Jameson Crested & Soda long drink can be mixed in a high ball glass and built over ice using 50ml Jameson Crested Irish Whiskey, a quality bottled soda and a large wedge of orange.