On Kickstarter: Bartesian


Bartesian: the Ultimate Cocktail Machine

Bartesian mixes you the perfect cocktail in seconds; insert your capsule and select your strength. It’s cocktails, liberated!

What is Bartesian?

Bartesian is cocktails, liberated. Create delicious cocktails at home without fancy recipes or multiple ingredients. Everything you need is inside the capsule – just add the basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila).

Insert your capsule, select the strength, and Bartesian will mix the perfect cocktail every time. One cocktail, one capsule, as simple as that!


Each Bartesian Capsule is made with real, premium ingredients: juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs, and bitters, all in liquid form. There are no artificial powders or high-glucose corn syrup in these capsules. This allows for quality taste and drink-ability cocktail after cocktail.

The campaign is already well on its way to achieving its target, with the project running until July 16.


In Stores Now: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


As a brand deep rooted in heritage and quality, Crown Royal is proud to introduce its first-ever blended rye whisky, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye. This offering combines the richness of Northern harvest rye grains with the unmistakable smoothness of Crown Royal to create a perfectly balanced whisky.

“With rye whiskies serving as integral components of the Crown Royal Deluxe blend for more than 75 years, it was a natural and authentic extension to provide our loyal fans a rye offering,” said Yvonne Briese, Vice President of Marketing, Diageo North American Whiskey. “There is also a tremendous growth opportunity within the rye category as consumers gravitate toward quality products they know and trust while experimenting with pre-Prohibition era cocktails.”

The distinct Canadian climate provides the ideal conditions for growing rye grains. This is due to the fact the grains are planted in the fall, then blanketed with snow during the harsh winter months and only finish their growth cycle once they have sprouted throughout spring and summer. The extra time the grains take to fully mature results in flavorful hints of fruit, cloves and spice.

Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye provides consumers with a very smooth and spicy flavor profile that can be mixed into traditional rye cocktails, such as the Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Available at 90 proof / 45% Alcohol by Volume, Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye will be sold at a suggested retail price of $29.99 for a 750 mL bottle.

In Stores Now: Belvedere Wild Berry

belevedre-vodka-760x962Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, introduces the newest flavor to their award-winning portfolio: Wild Berry. Available in stores now Belvedere Wild Berry is inspired by the summer berry harvests in Poland and North America and will refresh your palate while providing an unmatched taste experience. With its perfect combination of Polish strawberries and American blueberries, Belvedere Wild Berry delivers an exquisite blend of rich, juicy vodka.

Bursting with bright and zesty character, wild Polish strawberries are smaller, dark red in appearance and more intensely flavored than conventional grocery’s berries. Aromatic North American blueberries have a sweet, delicate, almost floral flavor, which brings depth and complexity to the vodka.

“Belvedere Wild Berry exemplifies our commitment to crafting 100% naturally and sugar free flavored vodkas. Its fresh and delectable ingredients deliver an innovative twist on Belvedere Vodka,” says Charles Gibb, President of Belvedere Vodka.

Widely recognized as the leader in innovation and for its unique maceration process, Belvedere’s newest flavor is no exception. This time-intensive process of extracting fragrant oils from the finest natural fruits, by immersing them in an alcohol bath of Belvedere Vodka spirit, delivers an aromatic and authentic blend that captures the essence of the berries. Belvedere’s distinctive approach ensures its vodka is flavored with real fruit, with no added sugar or additives, resulting in uncompromised standards and exceptional character.

When Belvedere vodka meets berries, the result is fresh, wild and unexpected. Just add a splash of lemonade and some sunshine for a colorful, exciting and flamboyant drinking experience. Whether you’re at a chic rooftop bar or at the beach of the hottest travel destination, Belvedere Wild Berry cocktails will give your summer everything you need to soak up the sun whilst still cooling you down.

Tasting Notes for Wild Berry

Nose: Bright, fresh and luscious notes of juicy strawberries and tart blueberries with a hint of vanilla and cream.

Palate: Soft and inviting with intense hints of strawberries and cream, blueberry pie and crushed berries. Gentle acidity which adds refreshment and an impression of juicy, ripe berries.

Finish: Sustained and refreshing with clean and bright berry notes.

Cocktail Recipes

Wild Berry Lemonade

50 ml/2 oz Belvedere Wild Berry

3.5 oz Fever Tree lemonade

Build over ice into a highball glass, and garnish with a lemon wheel and blueberries

Wild Berry Crush

1.5 oz Belvedere Wild Berry

1 small lime

3 bar spoons vanilla golden sugar (or vanilla sugar recipe)

2 strawberries

5 blueberries

Muddle the fruit with the sugar, add the Wild Berry Belvedere and crushed ice and churn

Cap with crushed ice

NEW: UV Sangria


UV Sangria. The first Sangria-flavored vodka to market, UV Sangria is made with all natural flavors and features notes of citrus and exotic fruit, perfect for cocktails during outdoor entertaining season and get-togethers with friends and family. A quintessential summer cocktail, making Sangria the UV way can be as simple as three easy steps – UV Sangria, lemon lime soda and fresh fruit of your choice!

Distilled four times to ensure premium quality and taste, UV Sangria offers the perfect blend of citrus with a light zest in the background, finishing with an exotic character that lingers slightly on the palate.

UV Sangria is available nationally and can be purchased at select liquor stores, grocers, restaurants and bars with a suggested retail price of $12.99 for a one liter bottle, $11.99 for a 750ml bottle and 99 cents for 50ml bottle. Visit http://www.uvvodka.com for additional information and recipes.

Recommended UV Sangria Recipes:

Sangria Punch

1 part UV Sangria

3 parts lemon lime soda

Sliced fruit

Serve in a pitcher or as a cocktail over ice. Add sliced fruit.

Sangria Sunrise

1 part UV Sangria

3 parts orange juice

1 splash grenadine syrup

Pour over ice and garnish with orange slice.

Sangria Long Island

1 part UV Sangria

½ part brandy

1 splash orange juice

Combine UV Sangria and brandy in lowball glass. Top with orange juice; garnish with orange slice.