NEW Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum

Cruzan® Rum introduces the addition of Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum to its impressive portfolio of premium, flavored rums.  Available nationally, this refreshing new flavor blends fine Cruzan Rum with the essence of ripe blueberries and vibrant citrus to create a well-rounded spirit bursting with the taste of fresh fruit.

Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum takes lemonade, a classic summertime staple, to the next level by infusing it with the bright flavor of freshly picked blueberries. Like all Cruzan rums, Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum is crafted by Cruzan Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, whose family has been making rum on the island of St. Croix for generations. It is made from natural ingredients including cane molasses and tropical rainwater, using a unique five-column distillation process, staying true to Cruzan’s dedication to creating the cleanest-tasting, highest-quality rum on the market.

“The combination of Cruzan Rum with sweet blueberries and fresh lemonade makes this perfect for anyone looking to create a refreshing cocktail that captures the spirit of the season.”

Cruzan Rum recommends enjoying its newest flavor in an ice cold cocktail while embracing Cruzan’s “Don’t Hurry” mindset, which encourages rum fans to take the time to sit back, relax and savor every sip. In addition to these featured signature cocktails created by Cruzan Mixologist Jesse Card, Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum also mixes perfectly with fruit juices, iced tea and more.

Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Cooler
2 parts Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum
3/4 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 small pinch Sea Salt
Club Soda

Method: Combine rum, grapefruit juice and salt over ice in a shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Double strain into a glass over ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

Cruzan® Caribbean Dream
1 1/2 parts Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum
1/2 part Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 part Cream

Method: Combine all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and double strain into a fluted shot glass. Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon and a speared Maraschino cherry.

Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum is now available with a suggested retail price of $14.99 per 750 mL bottle.

NEW Evan Williams Peach

Fresh peach is blended with Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and bottled at 35% abv
Fresh peach is blended with Evan Williams Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, and bottled at 35% abv

True to its tagline, “No Fuzz. All Flavor.” Evan Williams Peach combines the smoothness of Evan Williams Bourbon with a fresh peach taste. Bottled at 70 proof, it can be served as a chilled shot, on the rocks or mixed in a cocktail.

Evan Williams Peach will be initially available starting May 1 to the following markets: Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia, North, Carolina, Georgia, Upstate New York, Ohio, Arkansas and California.

This new flavor is packaged in the highly-recognizable square Evan Williams bottle, with a contemporary, see-through label featuring a stylized peach, and the logo for Evan Williams, the second largest selling brand of Bourbon in the U.S. and the world.

Evan Williams Peach will be supported by an array of retail display materials allowing stores to prominently display the product and capture consumer attention. As an added incentive for trial, the 750ml size will also feature a $7 mail-in rebate, where legal.

NEW Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Rum

AN_BlackPatch-182x680Introducing the darker side of Admiral Nelson’s Rum. Coming this June, Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Premium Black Spiced Rum will build on the successful Admiral Nelson’s Rum franchise as a Black Spiced Rum that is carefully filtered through Bourbon Barrel Charred Oak.

Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Premium Black Spiced Rum uses a unique filtering process which enriches the flavor by filtering it through charred American White Oak used in the Bourbon aging process. The deep, dark Black Patch is a more robust and mysterious style of Admiral Nelson’s Spiced Rum.

“The emergence of Spiced Black Rum is a tremendous opportunity for Rum consumers,” said Hannah Venhoff, Admiral Nelson’s Rum Brand Manager. “Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch is a natural extension of the franchise as Rum consumers seek out more dynamic, bolder styles.”

Bottled at 94 proof, Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Rum features a sophisticated cream, black and silver label and closure reflective of its bold style on the popular Admiral Nelson’s glass bottle with blue accents reflecting some of the brand’s key equities. The new Black Spiced Rum will be supported by an array of retail point of sale items with the “Admirably Smooth. Mysteriously Dark.” brand message.

Admiral Nelson’s Black Patch Rum will be available beginning in June at $10.99/750ml in 50ml, 750ml 1.75L sizes.

COMING SOON Jim Beam Apple

Bottled at 35% abv, the new flavor is designed to be consumed either as a shot or in a mixer over ice

Jim Beam Apple will target gin drinkers as the company looks to fill a gap in its Bourbon portfolio.

At the launch of the new variant in London yesterday, company executives stated that Jim Beam Apple “will recruit from the gin category” when it is rolled out from May. This will help the Jim Beam brand broaden its appeal as it continues to attract younger consumers from other spirits categories, management said.

“Jim Beam Honey recruited from the rum category and (black cherry-flavoured) Red Stag from the vodka category,” said Judith Giegerich, Beam Suntory’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) brand manager for Bourbon. “With Apple, we want to target the occasions when people drink gin.”

Giegerich said Jim Beam Apple has a lighter, more summer-style taste profile and like gin can be mixed with tonic.

It will be released in the US in July.