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On Kickstarter: Bartesian


Bartesian: the Ultimate Cocktail Machine

Bartesian mixes you the perfect cocktail in seconds; insert your capsule and select your strength. It’s cocktails, liberated!

What is Bartesian?

Bartesian is cocktails, liberated. Create delicious cocktails at home without fancy recipes or multiple ingredients. Everything you need is inside the capsule – just add the basic spirits (vodka, rum, gin, and tequila).

Insert your capsule, select the strength, and Bartesian will mix the perfect cocktail every time. One cocktail, one capsule, as simple as that!


Each Bartesian Capsule is made with real, premium ingredients: juice concentrates, non-alcoholic liqueurs, and bitters, all in liquid form. There are no artificial powders or high-glucose corn syrup in these capsules. This allows for quality taste and drink-ability cocktail after cocktail.

The campaign is already well on its way to achieving its target, with the project running until July 16.