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Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Unveils Personal Collection Program

Jack Daniels Personal Collection Logo
Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel – Personal Collection Logo (PRNewsFoto/Jack Daniel’s)

Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Collection is debuting its Personal Collection program this summer. An evolution of the By the Barrel program, Jack Daniel’s enthusiasts from around the world are able to purchase their own customized selection of whiskey via a hand selected barrel of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select.

What was once a privilege reserved only for Jack Daniel’s Master Distiller Jeff Arnett is now available to connoisseurs around the world who will be able to explore Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel themselves. Only the barrels from the top of the Jack Daniel’s warehouse will be set aside for the Personal Collection program as those are exposed to the most extreme temperatures, creating the most flavor and color within the whiskey. Each barrel has its own personality and characteristics from being exposed to those extreme temperatures that create subtle differences barrel to barrel, a signature of the Single Barrel collection.

Barrels will be available to purchase through the Personal Collection program beginning in July. Barrels generally start around $10,000 USD plus varying local taxes. The new program will offer a more special and personalized experience for buyers. First, buyers will now have several different ways to make their barrel selections, making the program even more accessible. Participants can have the barrel selected for them by the Master Distiller, receive samples based on flavor profiles, or they can travel to the distillery in Lynchburg and select their barrel with the help of Master Distiller or his team of Master Tasters. Jack Daniel’s has also created premium collectibles and experiences to be enjoyed with every Personal Collection selection including a custom barrel head and framed barrel certificate as well as a unique purchase certificate, luxury decanter and glassware. In addition, purchasers will also receive a personalized Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle with their name or special message. Participants will be commemorated with their name in the Barrel Recognition Room in Lynchburg, TN – an exhibit honoring past barrel purchasers and new buyers, and a part of the tour that nearly 400,000 people take every year. Lastly, the new program will offer a series of touch points to keep customers updated on their selection as well as a Barrel Concierge who will be dedicated to each buyers Personal Collection experience.

“The Personal Collection program represents the best of the best from Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel and is a unique opportunity for whiskey enthusiasts to take part in what we do at Jack Daniel’s,” says Arnett. “I couldn’t think of a more perfect way for people to discover the nuances of our Tennessee Whiskey then by bringing them into the process and having them own a personal piece of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel.”

By the Barrel was originally launched in 1998, following the introduction of Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel, the first iteration of the craft whiskey family. Jack Daniel’s has continued to expand on its crafted Single Barrel offerings, releasing Single Barrel Barrel Proof in 2015 and, most recently, Single Barrel Rye in February 2016.

NEW: Two from Don Q


Don Q is gearing up to release two new rum expressions later this year, including a limited edition single barrel expression and a “sophisticated” spiced variant.

Just 6,000 bottles of the Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel rum will be launched, with 3,000 4.5 litre cases dedicated to the US and Puerto Rico, and the remaining 1,000 destined for Europe.

Bottled at 40% abv, the rum has been aged for just over 10 years and is described as offering “a really wonderful woodiness, with tanins and sweeter notes” as well.

The launch is part of a planned series of releases beginning with the 2005 vintage, which will be followed by the 2007 single barrel variant next year.

“We love ageing and blending,” commented Roberto Serrallés, Don Q owner and master distiller. “This is the first single barrel expression we’ve released.

“We wanted to start playing around and having fun outside of our comfort zone.

“The single barrel is a beautiful light style rum.”

Don Q Signature Release Single Barrel will carry an RRP of around £40 ($45.99 US) per 700ml bottle.

Don Q Barrel Aged Spice

Furthermore, the firm is also planning to bring out a spiced rum expression mid-2016, aimed as “elevating” the spiced rum category.

Titled Don Q Barrel Aged Spice, the expression has been designed to offer a “next step” to fans of spiced rum and will be a permanent addition to the brand’s portfolio.

The rum has been infused with “natural” spiced, including cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and tamarind.

“The spiced rum segment is growing and it’s an interesting category,” said Serrallés. “Everyone knows the big players in spiced rum, they know Captain Morgan.

“But where do spiced rum drinkers graduate to? Our rum will offer a more sophisticated version of a spiced rum – we want to elevate the category.

“We need to get away from pirates and sea monsters – we’ve talked too much about pirates and forgotten the fantastic properties of the rum itself.

“It has such an amazing taste profile that we think consumers who are interested in spiced rum are going to love.”

Don Q Barrel Aged Spice will carry an RRP of around £29.99 ($35 US) per 700ml bottle.