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REVIEW: Bacardi Mango Fusion

mangoneatAh, the rites of SPRING. T-shirts and shorts. Fresh air and sunshine. Daylight savings and another hour to enjoy a new cocktail. This weekend ushered in new products to market, first up BACARDI MANGO FUSION. When you open the bottle you are surrounded by the aromas of fresh juicy mangoes and immediately you want a tall cool drink with a tiny umbrella. Well I do.

I try it chilled and neat – mango, mango, mango with the familiar warmth of rum.

Over ice – mango, mango, wait, what’s that…. ah,orange.

Let’s see what else, how about a Hurricane


1 oz. Bacardi Mango Fusion

1 oz. Bacardi Gold

4 oz Orange Juice

Splash of grenadine

I think it’s gonna be a good day.