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Crown Royal launches single barrel in Texas

Crown-Royal-Signature-Coffey-Rye-WhiskyWhile around 50 different barrels are used to create Crown Royal Canadian whiskey, the coffey rye barrel was selected for the brand’s first foray into the single barrel category.

Diageo claims that coffey rye is Crown Royal’s “most notable” whiskey component and “honors the long-standing tradition of referring to local Canadian whiskies simply as ‘rye’”.

The expression, which will be available as a single barrel exclusively in Texas, US, has been distilled in the brand’s coffey rye still, said to be the only known still of its kind in North America.

“As a genuine passion for Crown Royal, and for whiskey as a whole, continues to soar in Texas, we wanted to provide a special offering exclusively for these loyal consumers featuring the heart of Crown Royal, the historic coffey rye,” said Yvonne Briese, vice president marketing for Diageo North American Whiskey.

Retailers in the state can purchase entire barrels of the whiskey, while each bottle produced from the barrel will feature a personalized medallion stating the retail location.

Crown Royal Single Barrel, bottled at 51.1% abv and with a retail price of$55, is described as having a flavor of cream and banana, combined with oak and spice notes.

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