Bacardi OakHeart

2014-02-08 15.48.26-1 (2)September 2011 Bacardi introduced OakHeart, a smooth spiced rum. Dare I say that I was skeptical, never happy with the taste, smell and look of most spiced rums as they often remind me of “liquid gingerbread.” Then along came Bacardi OakHeart…..duh, duh DUHNNNNNN. Personally I fell in love. I tried the recommended Oak & Coke – smooth, easy-peasy. Then I thought why not in a rum punch. Using OakHeart instead of gold in the recipe elevated it to a level my taste buds had never heard of.
Recipes to try:

Oak ‘n’ Coke
1½ ounces Bacardi OakHeart Rum
3-4 ounces Coke

Oak and Ginger
3-4 ounces ginger ale or ginger beer
Fresh lime, squeezed

Oak and Apple Cider
3-4 ounces apple cider

“BACARDI OakHeart (70 proof/35 percent ABV) is created with the finest amber BACARDI rums mellowed in charred American white oak barrels for 1-3 years. Choice spices such as maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey, and vanilla are added to the rum which is then filtered through a proprietary process. The result is a bold, spiced rum straight from the heart of charred oak barrels for a hint of smokiness and a unique, velvet-like smoothness. BACARDI OakHeart tastes great straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled stein glass. “

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