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NEW Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum

Cruzan® Rum introduces the addition of Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum to its impressive portfolio of premium, flavored rums.  Available nationally, this refreshing new flavor blends fine Cruzan Rum with the essence of ripe blueberries and vibrant citrus to create a well-rounded spirit bursting with the taste of fresh fruit.

Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum takes lemonade, a classic summertime staple, to the next level by infusing it with the bright flavor of freshly picked blueberries. Like all Cruzan rums, Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum is crafted by Cruzan Master Distiller Gary Nelthropp, whose family has been making rum on the island of St. Croix for generations. It is made from natural ingredients including cane molasses and tropical rainwater, using a unique five-column distillation process, staying true to Cruzan’s dedication to creating the cleanest-tasting, highest-quality rum on the market.

“The combination of Cruzan Rum with sweet blueberries and fresh lemonade makes this perfect for anyone looking to create a refreshing cocktail that captures the spirit of the season.”

Cruzan Rum recommends enjoying its newest flavor in an ice cold cocktail while embracing Cruzan’s “Don’t Hurry” mindset, which encourages rum fans to take the time to sit back, relax and savor every sip. In addition to these featured signature cocktails created by Cruzan Mixologist Jesse Card, Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum also mixes perfectly with fruit juices, iced tea and more.

Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Cooler
2 parts Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum
3/4 part Fresh Grapefruit Juice
1 small pinch Sea Salt
Club Soda

Method: Combine rum, grapefruit juice and salt over ice in a shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds. Double strain into a glass over ice and top with club soda. Garnish with a twist of lemon peel.

Cruzan® Caribbean Dream
1 1/2 parts Cruzan® Blueberry Lemonade Rum
1/2 part Fresh Lime Juice
1/2 part Cream

Method: Combine all ingredients over ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously for 10 seconds and double strain into a fluted shot glass. Garnish with freshly grated cinnamon and a speared Maraschino cherry.

Cruzan Blueberry Lemonade Rum is now available with a suggested retail price of $14.99 per 750 mL bottle.

NEW New Amsterdam Mango

mango_bottleFollowing a year of unprecedented growth, New Amsterdam Spirits announces the national launch of the latest addition to its premium portfolio, New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka. This vodka is made with fruit flavors and 100% American grain, and like New Amsterdam Vodka and the brand’s other flavored offerings, offers unparalleled smoothness as a result of its five times distillation and triple-filtered process.

New Amsterdam Master Distiller David Warter compares New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka to biting into a fresh, juicy Alphonso Mango. “This new flavored vodka is layered with tropical fruit aromas of papaya and passion fruit, with a finish that is crisp and refreshing,” details Warter, “Similar to all other flavored vodkas in the New Amsterdam portfolio, this offering is smooth enough to enjoy straight or on the rocks, but also makes for a versatile ingredient that can be used in a myriad of different cocktails.”

New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka is available nationally for a suggested retail price of $14.99/750mL, and is sold alongside New Amsterdam Gin, New Amsterdam Vodka, and New Amsterdam Red Berry, Peach, Citron, Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Flavored Vodkas.

New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka Cocktails

New Amsterdam Mango Sunrise

1.5 parts New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka
2 parts orange juice
Splash of lemon-lime soda

Directions: Shake ingredients together in a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Strain into a rocks or highball glass filled with ice. Garnish with a mango wedge and mint leaf.

New Amsterdam Mango Tonic

2 oz. New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka
2 oz. tonic
Squeeze of fresh lime

Directions: Build all in a glass, add ice, stir, and enjoy! Garnish with either a citrus wheel or a mint sprig.

New Amsterdam Mango Mango Mule

2 oz. New Amsterdam Mango Flavored Vodka
2 oz. mango juice
1 lime wedge
2 oz. ginger beer

Directions: Build in a highball glass, squeeze lime wedge, stir, add ice, garnish with either a citrus wheel, hard spices or mint sprig.

NEW Kahlua® Salted Caramel

kahlua_logo1Kahlua®, the classic rum and coffee liqueur, is helping consumers kick start spring and shake off the winter chill in time for summer with the release of its latest limited-edition offering, Kahlua Salted Caramel. This new flavor from the brand was formulated to tastily liven up an iced coffee and to give cocktail lovers a refreshing and delicious twist on their seasonal favorites for spring and summer enjoyment.

Kahlua Salted Caramel blends the tasty combination of salty and sweet – an enticing option for those looking to expand their beverage options in the form of a frozen or iced cocktail to enjoy in warmer temperatures. The decadent and smooth notes of salted caramel balance perfectly with the taste of Kahlua, allowing for a sweet indulgence that is reminiscent of simple pleasures and good times.

“Kahlua is always committed to delivering innovative flavor offerings that take various drinking occasions to the next level,” said Brian Mequet, Vice President, Rum and Liqueurs, Pernod Ricard USA. “While staying true to the classic taste that consumers love, Kahlua Salted Caramel builds upon the success of our other limited edition flavors and offers new ways to enjoy classic cocktail favorites with an added twist.”

Available at retail locations, Kahlua Salted Caramel is 20% Alc./Vol. (40 proof) and retails for a suggested price of $17.99 per 750 ml bottle.

To best enjoy Kahlua Salted Caramel, try our signature recipes:

1 part Kahlua Salted Caramel
2 parts premium chilled coffee
Pour ingredients over ice. Add milk to taste and enjoy.

2 parts Kahlua Salted Caramel
1 part Absolut Vodka
1 part Irish cream liqueur
2 scoops vanilla ice cream
Add ingredients with ice in a blender. Blend until smooth. Top with chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

1 part Kahlua Salted Caramel
1 part Malibu
1 part coconut cream
1 part pineapple juice
2 rings of fresh pineapple
Blend all ingredients with ice and pour into a highball glass.

KAHLUA ® Salted Caramel Rum and Coffee Liqueur. 20% Alc./Vol. (40 Proof). Product of Mexico. ©2015 Imported By The Kahlua Company, Purchase, NY.


ViniqViniq® is America’s first shimmery liqueur that tastes great and looks glamorous. Viniq Original is a delicious fusion of premium vodka, Moscato, natural fruit flavor, and a one-of-a- kind shimmer.

E. & J. Gallo created this first of its kind liqueur, to offer on-trend Millennial consumers a new spirit with a unique look that shimmers when shaken. The irresistible shimmer catches your eye in the bottle and in your glass. The shimmer is the same ingredient that gives frosting its shine or rock candy its sparkle. Viniq immediately became a staple at some of the hottest nightspots in Los Angeles and Atlanta. Now Gallo has decided to expand nationally.

“With the national launch of Viniq, we are responding to an overwhelming amount of consumer and customer demand. E. & J. Gallo is pushing the traditional category limits by introducing a new and innovative spirit, expanding our portfolio with completely differentiated offerings,” said Gerard Thoukis, senior director of marketing for Viniq. “Viniq was created with the on-trend millennial consumer in mind who is looking for something more than the current options. The product gives the on-trend millennial consumer a cocktail that is refreshingly delicious with a shimmery appearance that dazzles.”

Viniq is now sold from coast to coast and is available in 750mL bottles for a suggested retail price of $19.99 and 375mL bottles for a suggested retail price of $12.99.

Viniq shimmery liqueur is best served straight on the rocks, or with favorite mixers for a delicious and shimmery cocktail experience.

Signature Viniq Original Cocktails:


3 parts. Viniq®
2 parts champagne
Orange Wheel
Pour all into an ice-filled elegant glass, garnish with an orange wheel.


2 parts Viniq®
2 parts cranberry juice
1 part New Amsterdam® Peach Vodka
2 dashes of bitters
Mint sprig, lime wedge, berries
Pour all into a tall glass, stir thoroughly, add ice, stir again and garnish with a mint sprig, a lime wedge and berries.


3 parts Viniq®
1 part lemonade (1/2 lemon juice/half simple syrup)
½ part premium orange liqueur
2 parts champagne
Mint sprig
Pour all into a shaker, stir thoroughly, strain, garnish with a mint sprig and enjoy.