NEW: Midnight Moon New Peach Flavored Moonshine


Midnight Moon Peach is the newest flavor addition to America’s favorite and best-selling moonshine family, Midnight Moon. The all-natural sweet, juicy taste of peaches is perfectly captured in each jar, because each jar is made with real peaches! Upholding the authentic traditions of moonshine, Midnight Moon hand-packs each jar with sliced, cooked peaches for an authentic rich peach flavor.

“Why manufacture an artificial taste of peaches when you can use the real thing? said Joe Michalek, founder and president of Piedmont Distillers, makers of MidnightMoon. “We remain committed to providing Americans with the best tasting, most authentic moonshine experience. Artificial flavors, preservatives and additives are not a part of our recipe.”

Coming off the successful launch of Midnight Moon Raspberry, Midnight Moon is poised for success once again with Peach, the perfect complement to the summer season. Bottled at 70 Proof to create the perfect taste-balance between the peaches and Midnight Moon’s triple distilled ultra-smooth base spirit,Midnight Moon Peach outshines its competitors with its superior quality and flavor.

Distributor shipments begin this week, with Midnight Moon Peach set to hit store shelves in July. Scheduled for a nationwide rolling launch over the new few months, Midnight Moon Peach will retail for approximately $21.99 and join the brand’s other varietals including Raspberry, Apple Pie, Strawberry, Blueberry, Cherry, Blackberry, Cranberry, Original 80 Proof and 100 Proof.

Midnight Moon Peach can be enjoyed on the rocks, in cocktails or simply mixed with juices, sodas, lemonade or sweet teas.

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