NEW Flavors from Blue Chair Bay


Blue Chair Bay Rum continues to grow its portfolio of premium-blended rums with the introduction of two new flavors: a sweet and smooth Vanilla Rum, and Banana Rum Cream. The brand is also rolling out its first-ever 50 ml bottles, featuring its popular Coconut, Coconut Spiced and Banana flavors, along with new Vanilla. The 50 mls, perfect for sampling, will be in stores in June. Vanilla Rum and Banana Rum Cream are on store shelves nationwide now, just in time for summer.

New Blue Chair Bay Vanilla Rum delivers a silky melding of exotic natural vanillas and soft, delicate Caribbean rum, with a warm, lingering creamy vanilla finish. Blue Chair Bay Banana Rum Cream ideally blends fresh, ripe banana with surprising caramel and vanilla notes, brought together with Caribbean rum for a gently sweet, warm and distinctive flavor that invites you to kick back and relax, whether beachside or enjoying good times with friends.

“As the popularity of Blue Chair Bay Rum and the laid-back lifestyle it embodies continues to grow, so does our dedication to adding flavors to our portfolio for our fans to enjoy,” said David Farmer, President of Fishbowl Spirits. “These new flavor expressions and sample bottle sizes greatly expand the options No Shoes Nation members have when seeing one of Kenny’s shows, or simply hanging with friends this summer.”

Blue Chair Bay’s founder and owner, award-winning singer-songwriter Kenny Chesney, is currently on a nationwide tour supporting his latest album, The Big Revival. And Blue Chair Bay Rum, the official spirit sponsor of the tour, is hitting the road with him, hosting the Blue Chair Bay Tailgate Experience featuring specialty cocktails, and offering a full slate of samplings and hosting celebrations at bars, restaurants and retailers that pour and carry Blue Chair Bay Rum.


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