COMING SOON…Bacardi Carta Fuego

bacardi-carta-fuego-700x357Bottled at 40% abv and red in colour, the new release is made from rum aged for a minimum of one year in torched oak barrels, before its passed through charcoal and mixed with a secret blend of flavours and spices.

Named after the Spanish word for “fire”, Bacardi Carta Fuego is described as a “fiery” drink with a “bold, smooth taste” offering flavours of cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla, with a touch of smokiness.

Consumers are encouraged to enjoy the spirit neat as a shot, or mixed with Coke, but for those who like things extra spicy, Bacardi suggests adding three drops of Tobasco sauce.

“With a long history and a colourful heritage, we make rums that suit all tastes and occasions, and keep the revolutionary fires burning,” Bacardi said in a statement.

“Our new Bacardi Carta Fuego is here to bring the heat. When it’s enjoyed as a shot, you experience the full flavour profile.

“We’ve always been innovators and Bacardi Cart Fuego has been crafted to be enjoyed that way. It’s new and different.”

Currently available in the UK. Wat this space for US release dates.


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