COMING SOON Jim Beam Apple

Bottled at 35% abv, the new flavor is designed to be consumed either as a shot or in a mixer over ice

Jim Beam Apple will target gin drinkers as the company looks to fill a gap in its Bourbon portfolio.

At the launch of the new variant in London yesterday, company executives stated that Jim Beam Apple “will recruit from the gin category” when it is rolled out from May. This will help the Jim Beam brand broaden its appeal as it continues to attract younger consumers from other spirits categories, management said.

“Jim Beam Honey recruited from the rum category and (black cherry-flavoured) Red Stag from the vodka category,” said Judith Giegerich, Beam Suntory’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) brand manager for Bourbon. “With Apple, we want to target the occasions when people drink gin.”

Giegerich said Jim Beam Apple has a lighter, more summer-style taste profile and like gin can be mixed with tonic.

It will be released in the US in July.


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