NEW: La Hora Azul Tequila


Working with more than 300 farming families from different regions of the Volcán Tequila Highlands, the Don Good Tequila Company is Canadian-owned and operates out of Jalisco, Mexico.

LA HORA AZUL—BLUE HOUR — From the Centre of the Moon is made for celebrating and to be celebrated, available in three official genres, based on aging process:

Pure Spirit — Blanco: Unkissed by the barrel, the Blanco tequila represents the freshest and purest essence of the Blue Agave. It is exquisitely smooth, delicate hints of sweet agave, citrus and earthy peppers.

Experience The One — Reposado: The immediate warmth of its silken body radiates through its luminous golden hues. The Reposado tequila’s aromatic hints of vanilla, caramel and honey invite you in. Lightly touched with soft and gentle hints of spice that flow down the tongue and break in waves of caramel and fresh fruit, and boasting a brilliant hue from nearly a year in the barrel.

The Premier Highland Tequila — Añejo: The Blue Agave has already matured in the fields for nearly 10 years. Aged for up to three additional years in smoked and charred Kentucky barrels, the Añejo tequila boasts deep golden hues and intense, smoky flavors, which excites the palate to deliver an unrivaled experience.

All three variants of the brand are contained in hand-blown bottles featuring a metal serpent design.

“La Hora AzulTequila is proud of its Mexican heritage and acknowledges the lineage of its past, but also lives in the moment as a contemporary brand,” said Lex Duy, product design and brand development manager at the Don Good Tequila Company.

“[The bottles] were designed to be a prestigious, top-and front-of-shelf brand that stands above all others in the tequila category. This is truly an integration of spirits and fashion creativity.”

La Hora Azul brand is now bring distributed nationally across Canada through Diamond Estate Wines and will be launched in the US in September 2014, and the Caribbean in October 2014.


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