NEW: Roca Patrón


Set to debut in the U.S. this summer, Roca Patrón marks Patrón’s first range created entirely using the traditional, labor-intensive “tahona process.” The new release includes Roca Patrón Silver (90 proof), Roca Patrón Reposado (84 proof) and Roca Patrón Añejo (88 proof) labels, retailing at between $69.99-$89.99 a 750-ml. bottle.

The tahona method from which each of the Tequilas is made involves a two-ton stone wheel (known as a tahona) that is used to crush cooked agave. Then, both the agave fibers and agave juice are included in the spirit’s fermentation and distillation process, resulting in a sweeter, earthier, more vegetal flavor profile and notes of roasted agave, according to the company.

The aged variants in the  portfolio are rested in single-use American Bourbon barrels—the Reposado for five months and the Añejo for 14 months. This differs from the core Patrón line, which is aged in a blend of new and used oak barrels.


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